Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson michaels


The bird is the word

This bird is crazy but i really do think that civilization is haveing a profound effect on the natural world. I mean the thing madea chainsaw sound. Thats crazy.

Media Image

              I personally think the media image of women and men is too good. Not everyone can look perfect and that makes people have something to compare themselves to. I don’t think thats a good thing. The perfect image of women is all skin and bones and the men have to have a six pack. I think all that should be done away with.                 

Ethnic Test

                   This exercise showed me that it is easy to  make misconceptions about what ethnicity or race someone is. I thought this exercise would be easy but i was proven wrong i only got 10 correct. i mostly used skin color and eyes to place people. I don’t realy think ethnicity is important.

                 This is a very good idea for expressing yourself and I personally have never had to blog for a class before. I think with some of the people in our class this should become interesting and I look forward to it.

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